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Prerana Setu: The Bridge of Motivation
challenges in Indian rural education
  • High school students have limited exposure to the various available professional avenues.

  • Students from rural areas have none or limited opportunity to have an interaction with the people working in diverse fields.

  • Students are exposed to the industrial requirements at later stage of their lives

Prerna Challenges


Jnana Prabodhini (JP) is an organization working in the field of education, research, rural development with a motto of ‘Motivating intelligence for social change’ for all the strata of society

what is the solution that we are proposing?

Prerana Setu, meaning, the bridge of motivation, is a digital learning program jointly executed by the Jnana Prabodhini Foundation (JPF), USA and Jnana Prabodhini's Educational Activity Research Center (JP EARC) in India. Together, we provide an interactive online platform that connects field experts to various schools.

current state

JP’s long experience of working at the grassroots shows that there are boys and girls in every community who have the potential to break free of the shackles of poverty and to become role models for the others. 

However, most of these children come from a very poor background and cannot afford to pay for their schooling. As our school runs without any government grant or aid, we need to raise enough funds from our friends and well-wishers to realize our dream. The donation received would be used to offer scholarships to these students in need.

Currently, to bridge the gap between rural and urban education JP operates through our 4 different sites. By providing the following facilities to the financially challenged students. Fee connection, full scholarship, subsidized housing, and meal plans, scholarship for living expenses and of course quality education

How can you help?

The program is committed to continuing as the bridge of motivation between field experts and high school students across the globe. We will be happy to connect with new schools in India & United States. Tell us how and why you would like to join in? And we will be sure to reach out. Contact us at

Prerna Solution
Prerna Current Stae
Prerna How Can You Help

What’s the estimated impact of my donation?

  • Until now, 25 online sessions have been conducted by experts from all over the world.

  • So far, over 100 high school students have been exposed to numerous fields including Commerce, Business and Marketing, Cosmology, Basic Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Education Research, Political Communications, and more.

  • Besides information sharing, these sessions also enlighten students in exploring their life goals and develop the motivation to work toward them

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