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project based learning
challenges in Project based learning

​Last year, we translated 'Chala Prakalpa Karuya'. This book mainly contained excerpts which aimed at skills required to do projects. This was in the form of short stories, with open ended questions. With the belief that children can learn skills better by practical implementation, we plan to create a workbook that teaches these project oriented skills through activities.

what is the solution that we are proposing?
  • We are developing a workbook which would consist of different activities targeting particular skills that are essential for a successful project.

  • The workbook would have tables that students can fill in directly rather than having to work with a blank piece of paper to ensure maximum participation.

current state

A list containing different skills and sub-skills has been created e.g. Brainstorming, Variable Identification, Creative Thinking, Group Discussion etc. Activity will be designed for each skill.

Example given below:

  • Observation Skill (the skill in question) and Observing a Pencil (the activity for it)

  • Pre-test: Ask students to list down at least 20 observations of a pencil. Provide no instructions as to how to do this initially. Provide a table with 20 empty rows that students can fill in. Most students will probably list that the pencil is long or it is red and other qualitative observations.

  • Teaching the activity: The next part of the activity will now say quantify your observations - measure it with a ruler and write its length as an observation; use all senses - did you observe the sound it makes when it falls, did you try to taste it? Negative observations - This pencil does not have an eraser attached to it (this is also crucial to note).

  • Post-Test: Now ask the students to list down observations of a pen. This is an object that is closely related but different to which they can apply their skills learnt and compare how well they did.

what next?

Create activities as mentioned in the example above for all skills

  • Compile all activities and run some experiments in classrooms to see if they are successful.

  • Develop audio visual resources using new material. See concept note below:


Audio Visual concept note:

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