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$350 covers

1 student's education for 1 year

$200 provides

water for 10 households

$300 makes

1 woman a local business owner


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'Jnana Prabodhini Foundation'


Jnana Prabodhini Foundation,

39276 Beringer Dr,


CA 92563

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Become a part of our ongoing projects & activities


  • Provide introduction & share career opportunities in your field of expertise with school children

  • Spread the word with friends, family & colleagues. Follow up on FB, twitter & subscribe JPF newsletter

  • Work as a domain expert to guide the student projects in multiple areas

  • Work on micro-financing ideas to support self-help groups

  • Become a part of global think tank on Job Creation & Ecology

  • Connect with our regional chapters & help coordinating regional events

Fundraising Initiatives


  • Conduct birthday fundraiser for JPF

  • Donate to cover expenses of 1 student or fund one self-help group or create water structure for one village

  • Initiate fundraising events in your region & in company

  • To make sustainable progress we need continuous source of funding. So recurring donations can go long way

  • Select JPF in your Amazon account & donate through Amazon Smile

  • If your company matches donations for 501(C) (3) nonprofits & JPF is not registered, help us complete the procedure in your company for donation matching



39276 Beringer Dr,


CA 92563

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Non profit 501(c)(3) organization established to address social issues in India.

EIN: 84-2674823

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