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Yuvati Vibhag Abroad
What is the challenge?

JPF’s Yuvati Vibhag abroad was created with an objective to cater to the needs of Yuvatis, facing challenges related to cultural uprooting, work-life balance, raising bicultural families, and seeking self actualization at work and at home.


Yuvati Vibhag Abroad is a JPF initiative to provide a support system to bring out the best in JP family immigrant women at work and at home. Our group aspires to understand the challenges that women face overseas, identify issues that need a resolution, and avail JP’s multigenerational women’s network to craft the much needed solutions.  We host discussions to ignite ambition and confidence in women, which gets somewhat lost in running the smooth show at home and at work. Through its global network, Yuvati Vibhag shares success stories providing inspiration to overcome various life obstacles from different walks of life. Performing, simultaneously or in parallel, various (often conflicting) duties while juggling various life priorities is a daunting task nonetheless. Switching priorities between work and family is an eternal struggle faced by women across the globe. However, the problem is exacerbated overseas, when raising children in a nuclear family without any support system.


While working women are often forced to select between work and family especially, stay home women end up single-handedly managing the heavy lifting at the home front. While working women feel guilty for not being able to be a room mom for their child’s class, a capable stay at home mom stuck with performing household duties, tends to lose her self esteem. Yuvati Vibhag provides a forum for women to identify themselves, and provides an opportunity to understand and learn from other’s experience as to how others have navigated these tough watres. After performing the analysis of historical data, women would be able to relate themselves with at least a few data points. From this perspective, Yuvati Vibhag is a vehicle of self-realization painting a clear picture of a member's capabilities.

Current status
  • The group had its first introductory session on May 9th 2021 on the auspicious occasion of Mother's day. 

  • The second session was a memory sharing session dedicated to revisiting old school memories where Yuvatis shared their stories, experiences, and learning from their time in school. 

  • For the third session on July 11th, in celebration of Guru Pournima, Anuradhatai and Vidya tai Hardikar, were invited as special guests to share their memories and experiences as teachers. Being the founding member of the girls’ section of JP Pune Prashala, Vidya tai's presence was a blessing for the rest of the Yuvatis. 

  • The fourth session of Yuvati Vibhag abroad was designed as open to all with Bageshree tai Ponkshe as the guest speaker. Bageshree tai shared heart-rendering stories of her work with Darubandi - banning illicit liquor stores in rural India and helping addicts overcome their alcoholism and lead a normal life again with their families. She also shared her memories of working alongside her husband late Ma. Vivekrao Ponkshe with the underserved communities of northeast India. The session was very moving and left no dry eye in the room. 

  • The fifth session was a Ganeshotsav special with Pallavi Gadgil, a JP alumnus teaching the Yuvatis ‘barchya’ again followed by a Ganpati poojan.

  • The theme for the sixth session was exploring themes for grad students - academic, career, immigration for US and Europe. JPF members who have completed higher education were the speakers. They spoke about relevant topics such as academics, job search, career development, immigration etc. It was a very successful session and it proved to be a great chance to network with JPF members working in diverse fields.

  • The seventh session was the Shradhanjali Sabha to remember Ma. Supriyatai Darp. This was marked by the presence of Late Supriyatai’s husband Shree Avinashji Darp and daughter Revati Darp. Both of them shared very touching memories along with other alumni and 2 teachers from JPP. Everybody who attended the session was emotional and paid homage to Supriyatai. 

  • The eight session will be a lecture and discussion on the topic “Reigning hormones” and health challenges in the life of a woman. The main speaker will be Dr. Asmita Patwardhan. 

What Next?
  • Engage more Yuvatis from different walks of life to participate in Yuvati Vibhag Abroad sessions. 

  • Encourage more JPP alumni to be part of this group 

  • Collaborate with Yuvati Vibhag -Pune and be part of projects as and when possible 

  • Organize interesting sessions on a variety of topics ranging from social causes, health, food, gardening, work-house life balance, career, higher education etc. 

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