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Translation project
What is the challenge?

Knowledge should be conveyed to everyone despite language barriers. So, we at JPF aim to bridge this gap and try to reach out to many people around the world, with the initiative: “Translation Project”. JP publication has a variety of books covering different categories in education, personality development, thinking skills, biographies, short stories etc. These books are advantageous for every age group and profession.

Current State

11 volunteers are working on two books: “Niyojan Kaushalya” and “Hatti Vha Hatti”


Book: Niyojan Kaushalya

Category: Personality Development 


Description: This book explains different steps involved in event planning. With various small ‘to-do’ projects the reader learns to develop critical thinking skills required to plan a successful event.


Pages: 56


Team: 8 Volunteers


Book: Hatti Vha Hatti

Category: Thought Provoking

Description: The book has different articles which will help the reader self-analyze. The book guides readers on elevating their strengths and inspires them to be more determined when achieving their goals. 


Pages: 112


Team: 4 Volunteers

Other Projects

Learning to explore

This shall prove to be instrumental in making PBL accessible to wider students, teachers, and their parents. The book has already sold 150 copies online to date.

Project Based Learning

Creating engaging material such as workbooks and audio-visual resources for students to successfully implement the concepts of Project Based Learning. 

What is Next?
  • Translation of Monthly Magazines: Currently we are working on projects which are not time bound. In the future we plan to have a dedicated team which will translate and publish the articles on a monthly basis especially as it pertains to Chhtara Prabodhan, JP’s trademark publication. 

  • Aika-Paha-Vacha-Kara (Listen-Observe-Read-Perform): Since the pandemic in 2019, the world has come closer through the digital platform. This has influenced JP to create a series of interactive magazines for high-school and college students which are published over the digital platform. We plan to translate the articles which will be published in this magazine.

  • JPF plans to expand and balance our current teams by reaching out to more volunteers who are interested in this project.

ND Challenges
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